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INDEX of all Posts, Newest to Oldest, Dates, Titles, Guests

As a convenience to my readers here is an index of all Posts with Dates, Titles and Subject (where the title is not clear), and guest authors.  At first most posts were about DC issues, but once I was running for Congress, I also added national issues.  Tax and income issue articles have dates printed RED. Environmental posts are GREEN.  Health and wellness issues are BLUE.  Political posts are PURPLE.  My political information and original ideas are highlighted.  Just click the blue lined titles to go directly to the blog post.  Otherwise go to the year and month to your left.  I would love to see more comments.

[6/15/16]  I am happy to report that I have won my At Large primary with 63%+ of the votes.  Among other things I hope to join Elissa Silverman who was the single vote in support of keeping McMillan Park as a resource for the people.
     For the June 14, Primary Election I ran for DC Council At Large as a member of the DC Statehood Green Party.  If you wish to support a future candidacy or this blog, please send a check marked G. LEE AIKIN, to 1754 Swann St., NW, Washington, DC 20009*
[11/10/16]  The General Election is over, and in a field of six candidates to fill two seats, I came in third as I had hoped.  The second place winner had over $300,000 in campaign funds, I had under $10,000.   He also had fewer than 4 times as many votes while spending at least 60 times as much.
     For the immediate future my major focus of energy will be saving McMillan Park from a NO-BID developer who wants our Mayor to sell them this land valued at over $100million for a bargain price of $17million.  Our land paid for with our taxes!!!

Year 2017:
8/18/17   Trump, Donald: Surviving the Trump Year(s?) McMillan Park Fallout & Emergency Shelter
1/15/17   McMillan Park - A Finer Vision for Pro-People Development & Major Court Decision

Year 2016:
10/14/16 DC Constitution & Statehood, Sept. 27 & Oct. 6 Testimony, Consequences of Nov. 8, 2016 Vote
10/11/16 G. Lee Aikin, WAMU & GLAA Questionnaires, More Detailed Answers for 2016 General Election

10/6/16   McMillan Park, Further Updates & Legal Action, Summer/Fall 2016

10/3/16   Tax Justice for Low and Middle Income People, My 12 Year Fight
7/11/16   David Grosso & Anita Bonds Bill Removes ANC Chairs from FOIA Requirements.
5/15/16   Statehood for DC, Mayor Fast Tracks New Constitution for Nov. 8, 2016 DC Voter Approval.
4/19/16   DC Statehood - The Only Solution to 200 Years of Disenfranchisement
4/4/16     DC Budget Oversight Hearings on Fiscal Year 2016-2017 (April) 
4/2/16     Exelon PEPCO Buyout, A Potential Lawsuit?  Is it really over?
3/28/16   TENAC Supports Off. of the Tenant Advocate (Guest post, Jim McGrath, Chairman)
3/6/16     McMillan Park, 3/2/16 Testimony by Daniel Wolkoff, & How Our Water System Functions

Year 2015;
12/28/15 Index of All Posts, Newest to Oldest, Dates, Titles, Guests
11/25/15 DC Government Fails to Use $Millions of HUD Money, In Apparent Effort to Speed Up Gentrification (guest post Angela White Narain)
11/19/15 Excelon/PEPCO takeover, PSC Hearing Nov. 17 & 18, 2015.  They Desperately Need Our Ratepayers.  Testimony from anti-Exelon Witnesses
11/19/15 DC PSC Community Hearing Witness List for 11-17 & 18, 2015 Hearing (condensed)
9/28/15   Hajj: Muslim Tragedy in Mecca - Mass Casualties in 2015 Hajj, Cause & Prevention?
8/14/15   Chinese Disasters - Environment and Social Problems of Rapid Development
4/15/15   DC Taxes - 2015/2016 Updates: GOOD and BAD News - Revised Schedule H, This Could GIVE YOU Money
2/19/15   A Solar Energy Revolution in Washington, DC [& Puerto Rico power grid disaster] Could Inspire the World (guest post Don Wharton)
1/21/15   Exelon/PEPCO Merger--Is It Good for DC Residents?

Year 2014:
11/12/14 McMillan Park, an Opportunity for DC Council to Serve the People Not Developers (guest additions from Daniel Wolkoff and Kirby Vining)
10/21/14 Shipping Containers Homes, Can Creative Use Help Solve the Low Cost Housing Crisis? 
0/6/14   HOW MANY EBOLA VICTIMS COULD BIG PHARMA KILL?  If They and the Medical Establishment Don't Try Low Cost Available Treatments
10/3/14   DC Taxes to come down in 2019?, or NOT, as DC Council Approves 2 Tax Revision Commission Recommendations to FINALLY Put $85 million Annually in Our Pockets!
9/22/14   Free DC:  The US Capital is the Last Plantation (guest post Scott McLarty)
9/20/14   G. Lee Aikin answers DC Alliance of Youth Advocates, Candidate Questionnaire
9/12/14   DC Mayoral race, 2014, Catania and Schwartz Views on Small Entrepreneurs/Street Vendors (1998)
9/9/14     G. Lee Aikin, Experience, Goals & Hopes, as Candidate, Chairman, DC Council, 2014
8/14/14   DC Elections Heat Up:  Out to See the Action at DC for Democracy
3/18/14   DC Council Approval of 2 Tax Revision Commission Recommendations Will Put $85 Million     Annually in Our Pockets
3/10/14 - League of Women Voters Questionnaire--Tax Revision Comm., Affordable Housing, Electoral Reform, Charter/Public Schools
3/4/14     We Must Implement DC Marijuana Laws (and National News)--Decriminalization & Legalization
1/17/14   Pres. Obama, "Save the Middle Class;" Sen. McCain, "Put an End to Greed!"
1/11/14   Congress Illustrates DC's Need for Statehood Once Again: Prohibits Using Our Tax $$

Year 2013:
12/8/13   Keystone XL Pipeline, Prevent Future Tragedy Now: Qingdao Pipeline Explosion Kills 62
11/18/13 Can Our Middle Class be Saved by DC Tax Revision Commission?
9/5/13     $12 Minimum Wage Sought for Montgomery Co., MD; and DC Mayor's $12.50 LRAA Decision
9/3/13     INDEX of all Posts, Recent to Oldest, Dates, Titles
9/1/13     50th Anniversary MLK March - Statehood Dreams, Personal Memories
8/13/13   The LOWV questionnaire from 3/27/12 was jumped to this date??
8/1013    DC $12.50 Living Wage, & Walmart Blackmail (and Perry Redd)
4/22/13   DC Special Election, At Large Candidates, April 23, 2013
4/15/13   Boston Marathon Bombing, Summary & Updates
4/4/13     DC Emancipation Day, and Martin Luther King, Jr.
4/1/13     Straw Bale Buildings & Solar for a Sustainable Earth
2/8/13     DC At Large Council Vote 4-23-13, Perry Redd DCSGP Candidate
2/8/13     Perry Redd, At Large, DC Statehood Green Party Candidate
1/6/13     New Congress has more Women, Especially Women (guest post Jo Freeman)

Year 2012:
11/5/12   Unemployment Crisis, 5th post - A New National Lifestyle, (a 6 part series)
11/4/12   Unemployment Crisis, 4th post - A New National Lifestyle
11/2/12   Unemployment Crisis, 3rd post - A New National Lifestyle
10/27/12 Unemployment Crisis, 2nd post - A New National Lifestyle
10/26/12 Unemployment Crisis, 1st post - A New National Lifestyle
10/21/12 Worldwide Unemployment Crisis:  Work, has it Changed Permanently (intro to above 5 Posts)
10/21/12 Saving Social Security, Wage Cap, Marriage Penalty, Failure to Index (2016 figures)
10/17/12 Council/Mayor Expulsion for Felony on Nov. Ballot
9/13/12   Chicago School/Conservative Views of Economy (guest post Don Wharton)
9/4/12     Are You Better Off Today vs 4 Years Ago: "Better" Defined
8/26/12   Rape & Republicans:  Their Rape Ideology, Tod Akin Ignorance & Now Zika Virus
8/6/12     Obesity Epidemic, Diabetes, Sugar, Fat and "Obamacare"
7/25/12   Spam Scams from Craigslist and Elsewhere, Buying, Selling, Renting, Responding
6/29/12   Obama/Roberts Empower Health Care - Now Our Duty Begins
6/16/12   A Solar Energy Revolution (guest post Don Wharton)
6/12/12   The Supreme Court (Citizens' United), Anniversary of Another Big Mistake
6/12/12   DC Statehood Green "Shadow" Candidates' Declarations Accepted at BOEE, also                 Chairmanship vote announced
5/14/12   DC Tax Rates Hurt Working Poor & Middle Class, also Loss of Federal Payment
5/11/12   Harry Thomas Inspired Council Act Received by BOEE (and 10/7/12 update comment)
4/3/12     The slow boil of DC Taxpayers; ARE YOU A FROG?  Jump out, call DC Council
3/26/12   A Family History of Labor Activism (my biography with labor emphasis)
3/26/12   DC People Overtaxed & Underserved:  or Rip Van Winkle Sleeps On
2/12/12   G. Lee Aikin, Experience, Goals, Hopes (my resume for At Large Council race)

* paid for by Elect G. Lee Aikin, PO Box 53222, Washington, DC 20009.  A copy of our report is filed with the Director of Campaign Finance of the DC Board of Elections.

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