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G. LEE AIKIN, Experience, Goals, Hopes

G. LEE AIKIN,  January 10, 2012

Candidate for At-Large member of the DC City Council
DC Statehood Green Party (SGP)

EXPERIENCE, GOALS, & HOPES                                  
While standing on the Mall listening to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream, I too had a dream, of some day voting in the State of DC.  Let us build a city so outstanding and worthy that people will be inspired to support our voting rights.  We must carry on the legacy of Statehood Party leader, Hilda Mason (Washington, DC statehood advocate and longest-serving elected official in DC history).

LEE AIKINs service record includes:
+ Served as bilingual (Spanish) Administrative Assistant 3 years to an At-Large member of the DC Board of Education.  Once he pointed at a large file drawer and said, “find a way to prevent the disastrous teachers' strike coming if a majority doesn't accept the arbitrators' report.”  I succeeded in finding the argument that persuaded two more Board members to accept the arbitrators' report, thus preventing the strike.

+ Served four years on Mayor's Commission for Food, Nutrition and Health.  I plan to champion child and maternal health, and better care for our older residents, the handicapped and caretaking families.

+ Served 3 years on Mayor's Task Force on Street Vending.  Strongly support promoting and protecting small entrepreneurs’ and workers’ rights and needs. Will also work to improve and expand modern vocational education in both technical and laboring jobs.  This especially needed by our 60,000 returned citizens.  Remove barriers to very small business startups--Basic Business License, $100 clean hands, etc.

+ For 10 years was an active union member (OPEIU#2), serving as shop steward, and on contract negotiating team, and as grievance committee member.  Persuaded Union to sponsor collecting books and magazines for prisoners at Lorton Reformatory.  Educating and reintegrating prisoners is important today.

LEE AIKIN’S GOALS & OBJECTIVES as DC City Council At-Large member:
We must encourage people to use their lands, buildings, and merchandise for worthwhile community activities.  Let's give legal protection to providers with a “Good Samaritan” (hold harmless) law.

Grow a greener, healthier city using our school resources, vacant lots, rooftops, parks, and public housing lands.  Promote public gardens, good nutrition, and solar energy with creative financing.

Let's ease taxes, regulatory burdens, and nuisance fees that discourage entrepreneurs, business, and affordable housing.  Government must enforce agreements to provide affordable housing set-asides in new housing construction.  Teach useful legal and economic knowledge to our young people.

What helps the little guys helps the big guys.  The reverse is often not true.  We must not let Walmart destroy community businesses. If we must have Walmarts, let's have affordable housing built above and solar panels on their roofs.  We should negotiate green enhancements to all major projects.


Vote Primary, Tues., April 1, 2014  [registered Statehood/Greens only]

Vote General Election, Tues., Nov. 4, 2014 [all registered voters eligible]

G. Lee Aikin, candidate  [Contact to find out how to register SGP and vote.]

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  1. In the April 2012 Primary, my worthy opponent, long time activist Ann Wilcox won the DCSGP Party post of At Large Council candidate. However, a number of you entered my name as a write-in for other posts. I chose to run as DCSGP candidate for "Shadow" Representative to Congress.

    I chose this because I had once worked for a Congressman and felt I could do a good job of lobbying for Statehood and Green issues. I hope you will vote for me and our entire slate of 6 DCSGP candidates on November 6, 2012.